To make the UNITY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL a leading, learning community of motivated staff and students engaged in realizing and exploring the limits of their full and human potential to graciously contribute to the society.


To provide an educational environment in which students feel safe, secured,empoered, energized and unlimited in pursuing learning experiences to their maximum potential. UNITY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL provides holistic education that emphasizes high academic and social standards, promotes healthly lifestyle, cultivates critical thinking, fosters scientific temper, instills desires for life long learning.



  • The school must be vibrant learning centre where the young fertile minds are free to explore their unlimited potential.
  • The school strives to make the institution student-centered so that they can face the ever challenging global society successfully.
  • The school is committed to instill confidence, self reliance, self respect and honesty into the children.
  • The school makes the students realize the richness of Indian culture and instills in them a deep love for their motherland.
  • The school believes in benchmarking the best educational institution.

Unity International School.

We strive to provide highest quality education, bridging your child's success with well formed infrastructure of knowledge and resources.

A place to learn and grow together

Unity International School is situated near the kanchanpur Bihar Sharif. The sylvan and pristine surroundings lend a serene touch to the impressive campus spread over several acres. A marvel of modern architecture, the campus contains well-lit airy classrooms, outdoor theatre, performing art block, cafeteria, spacious courtyards for indoor games, and beautifully landscaped lawns.

Our learning system

Lean for education is an improvement approach that encourages our school and our employees to identify and solve problems that prevent students and others who benefit from education from achieving the highest quality outcomes possible.

Lean offers a set of tools and techniques (discussed below) as well as overarching principles for thinking about organizational improvement. While the method is fundamentally about achieving efficiency and quality, it also emphasizes the importance of relationships. Service providers (teachers and administrators) must know what their customers (students and parents) need and value in order to deliver the best product. Likewise, managers and frontline workers must have close working relationships with each other to effectively solve problems together.

Your dreams, our dreams.

Teachers at Unity International School are not only good at academics, but are well skilled at treating every child equally with compassion and care.

Our core curriculum provides students the knowledge required by the traditional Indian education system. However, we go a step further, using simple techniques to ensure a genuine engagement with taught subjects. Some of these include innovative lesson plans based on well-researched materials, engaging activities and worksheets, regular assessments, learning improvement plans, when necessary and finally, formal assessment